Tropical Plant Design has worked with Melton Truck Lines, Inc. for many years and I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark and his team for 3 years and WOW! Everyone at TPD is always very professional, pleasant to work with and always willing to help and offer advice. At Christmas time we decorate our fireplace and it is always beautiful. Great design ideas! Thanks for all your help and I appreciate all employees at TPD.

Tropical Plant Design is the answer!!

“If you are looking for a wonderful, maintenance-free way to enjoy the beauty of nature each and every day, Tropical Plant Design is the answer!! When Tulsa Retina Consultants completed our 12,000 sq.ft. space at 21st and Lewis, we kept the majority of permanent decoration to a minimum. We knew we wanted to add color and décor through greenery and pottery.

Tropical Plant Design came to see me even before our construction was complete. We reviewed our floor plan, our color scheme, and our desires to keep the décor minimal but still add the right combination of greenery to add contrast to our basic blue and gray color scheme. TPD was phenomenal in understanding our needs and offering solutions that were perfect for us. While they provided an expert opinion, they were also gracious in making certain our needs were met rather than attempting to sell more product or take away from our design.

TPD provided a competitive cost for purchasing the pottery as well as made certain they could meet our opening deadlines. The owner personally came to the office to oversee the installation and walked through the space with me to make certain TPD had met our goals and provided exactly what they described. Throughout our space, Tropical Plant Design has added just the right mix of plants, number of containers and height to make a well-balanced and elegant combination of beautiful greenery.

Their sales rep came back during the Holiday season and again discussed maintaining our “feel” while adding just the right mix of spirit. Our office was decorated with enough color to add that Christmas pop but not over the top. Elegant and clean…

The monthly fee is very reasonable, and the staff quietly comes in and does their job. We all just enjoy the plants and don’t have to worry if we have green thumbs or not!”

I have been a customer of Tropical Plant Design for twenty years! As a property manager of several buildings over the years, I will tell you TPD is and has met all my plant needs. Their staff is amazing and so helpful listening to what I want and providing it effortlessly. My buildings always look incredible at Christmas and I’m proud to tell people just who was responsible. I encourage anyone looking for a one stop plant, design, decorating company to be sure to give them a try.

What I like best about Tropical Plant Design is the service. TPD takes care of the plants seamlessly with little to no interruptions to the client. Once you sign on with TPD they take care of everything from maintenance to replacements. I have rarely had to call to ask for service over the years. I also love the additional services that TPD provides like the weekly fresh flower service and holiday services. I honestly have had nothing but positive great service for many years and cannot say enough about TPD and their people.

Tropical Plant Design has served Montereau with plant care since inception, and they have always exceeded expectations. Their plants are healthy and well-maintained. We ask that our vendor partners commit to and share similar values. TPD is a valued collaborative partner of ours!

When you’re ready to pursue the aesthetic and health benefits that interior plants bring to your office environment, your first call should be to Tropical Plant Design. From the design phase of selecting plants and containers to the installation and ongoing maintenance of your plants, you’ll experience the benefits of a knowledgeable, experienced staff that emphasizes quality customer service and care, while providing budget-minded solutions to your workspace needs.

For the past three years, The Summit has relied upon Tropical Plant Design’s expertise for exquisite holiday décor. Their professionalism is unmatched, as well as, their keen eye for creative design. We provided them financial parameters and they were more than accommodating in working with us to achieve our vision, without going over budget. Their communication throughout the planning and executing process is exceptional. Each year, we look forward to working with them, knowing they will make our holiday planning a success!