Tropical Plant Leasing Services

Adding interior landscaping to your business is one of the best ways to breathe new life into your space. Tropical Plant Design provides plant leasing services in Tulsa, Muskogee, OK, NW Arkansas; Bentonville, Rogers & Fayetteville, so you can find out just how big a difference adding indoor foliage to your home or commercial property can make in your well-being.

Specializing in a wide variety of plant consultation services, including the design, build, and maintenance of interior plants, our team is able to provide you with the full-service interior landscaping your property requires. From the main lobby to the boardroom and even the open spaces of walkways and lounges; living plants and flowers bring forth the freshness of outdoors, boosting the morale and productivity of employees and visitors alike.

Bloom Rotation Lease Program

Red AnthuriumIn addition to our interior plant leasing services, the Blooming Plant Rotation program is key to our clients year-round color of potted flowers in the workplace. The program consists of your choice of Bromeliads, Anthurium, Orchids, and Poinsettia’s to be placed on a set rotating schedule of replacement throughout the year. Typically our program consists of three different color Bromeliad replacements during the year for nine months, Anthurium blooms for two months and Poinsettia’s always in December for a total of five automatic replacements during the year. This program is great for livening up the office space with color. Whether on the reception desk, a floor container full of colorful plants for a lobby, or in a strategic location for the client to see, blooming plants always bring out the freshness and liveliness of an area. Please ask for more details on how we can provide a flowering plant or more to your space.

Blooming plants year round for your office or lobby

blooming plant rotationKeep a flowering plant year round on your reception desk or as an underplanting of a larger plant and container in your office lobby or Presidents office. Indoor office building lobby’s can be transformed by pots of blooming plants strategically placed to enhance the overall design of the lobby. Five times a year TPD will replace your existing potted blooming plant with another. Whether it’s Bromeliads, Anthuriums, Poinsettia’s, or Orchid’s, we can design a plan specifically to fit your needs.

  • Bromeliads available in the colors of Orange, Red, Purple, Pink, Yellow and more
  • Anthurium available in White, Red, Purple, and Pink
  • Phalaenopsis Orchids are mostly available in white when using more than five plants and when they all need to match. Otherwise, Orchid colors can be obtained in lavender, yellow, pink, green, and shades of each with varying degrees of spots or variegation.
  • Poinsettia’s in December are available in 4”, 6”, 8” or 10” grow pots in the colors of Red, White, and Pink.  Other color options are available upon request.
  • Crotons, Chrysanthemums, and variegated red Aglaonema are also available upon request.

Contact us with any questions you have about our lease programs and decorative container options we have to offer.  Our plants and decorative containers are perfect for any commercial or residential property located throughout NE Oklahoma and NW Arkansas.

Creating a Positive Image for Your Business

What is the interior of your commercial building telling your potential clients or visitors? Do they look around and see a lifeless interior that feels distancing or are they feeling welcomed by the gorgeous, meticulously placed flowers and greenery?  The purpose of our interior landscaping firm is to create a professional and corporate image and environment for your space using living plants.

Clients look to us to help them determine their interior landscape objectives. Once these objectives are met during our free consultation process, we can then begin to provide solutions through our commercial interior plantscape services. Our “concept-through-maintenance” services are fully guaranteed to meet the personal and professional needs of our clients to their utmost satisfaction.

Everything You Need for a Greener Interior

When you work with us, you are going to be greeted by a professionally-trained, uniformed horticultural technician. Your technician will be in charge of regularly visiting your location to provide care and maintenance and to keep every plant as healthy and attractive as possible.

Our lease and maintenance programs include a full guarantee on all plants under contract with the responsibility for watering, pruning, cleaning, and fertilizing falling to our staff of professionals. If and when any plant begins to lose its vitality, we guarantee to promptly replace the plant(s) for you at no additional cost.

The services we provide make it easy for you to keep the lush, attractive indoor greenery you want for your space while eliminating the need for a green thumb. Our sales and maintenance programs provide each client with the opportunity to purchase or lease our interior plants while also choosing the perfectly accented planter to match your home or office décor. By carefully listening to the ideas of our customers, we are able to determine which program best suits their particular needs. Schedule a free consultation today to learn about these and additional services.

Outdoor Services

Let Tropical Plant Design help you transform your Office building entry, Retail walkways or Poolside with large outdoor pottery filled with colorful annuals.  In addition, cold tolerant, full and lush palm trees can be planted in the spring or early summer in the Northeast Oklahoma area.  Enjoy the entire summer into fall with the look of the tropics by your pool or even transform your entire landscape to look like the tropics.

Tropical Plant Design Building with Palm Trees

Washingtonia Robusta Palms – Great for outdoors in decorative containers or planted in-ground around pools or lawns to provide that southern coast charm. Late each fall, our staff mulches the roots, insulates and seals the palm trunk in a hibernation state for the winter months. Once spring arrives, the wrap is removed, and the fronds begin to grow back to full head growth by July.  From 5’ to 20’ overall height, Washingtonia Palms or Mexican Fan Palms can be planted through late summer and then wrapped in late November with insulation to protect from the coldest days of Oklahoma weather each winter.  Call us for more details and pricing.

Decorative containers – Outdoor planters are available in Glazed Clay, Heavy decorative concrete, Stoneware, Antique or Italian Terra Cotta, Fibercrete, Steel or Molded plastic in sizes ranging up to 45” in width and as tall as 40” in the color or finish of your liking.

ploly-blend outdoor plantsExterior Artificial Plants – Palm trees, plants or bushes made of Polyblend material for outdoor containerized plantings are available in many styles and shapes.  Please call for an appointment so we can show you the available material for your project.

Outsourcing Your Interior Plantscaping Services to TPD

You know why you should add plants to your office space, but how do you go about actually doing it? By outsourcing interior plantscaping services, your key staff and management are able to focus more completely on task-specific company goals while our professionals handle the care and maintenance of your plants.

Many in-house staff members are spread so thin that they become unable to apply professional standards to their property. As a result, appearance and property value begin to suffer. Through outsourcing, the visual and bottom-line advantages of your property will be raised significantly.

Contact us to learn more about how to decorate your commercial space with plants. Our plant consultation services are available to clients located throughout Tulsa, Bartlesville, and Muskogee, Oklahoma, as well as throughout the communities of Rogers, Bentonville, and Fayetteville, Arkansas.