Interior Plants and Trees of All Sizes Available

design-build-maintenance - complete installationCreating imaginative plant displays for your commercial property has never been easier than with the professionals at Tropical Plant Design. We can provide you with desktop plants to three-story tall interior trees to create the perfect indoor landscape for your space.

Interior plant maintenance is necessary for you to maintain your indoor landscaping. Not everyone has the time, or is skilled enough, to provide proper indoor plant care in a commercial setting. So what are you supposed to do when it comes to keeping the plants in your space happy and healthy?

Your search for healthy, attractive, and large indoor plants ends right here with us. We specialize in providing interior landscape design for commercial clients and will provide you with everything you need to enhance your company’s image with the strategic placement and care of plants. Reach out to us today for a free consultation or stop by our showroom to see an example of the different types of plants we provide.

We offer the following plants:

-Low light plants - 50-75 foot-candles

-Low to Medium light plants - 75-100 foot-candles

-Medium light plants - 100 - 200 foot-candles

-Medium to High light plants - 200 - 250 foot-candles

-High light plants - 250 foot-candles and above.

Figuring Out the Right Plant for Your Space

Completed installationTrue indoor plantscaping is much more than just picking up a few different plants and adding them into the corner of a room. To receive the real benefits of an indoor landscape, our sales team will take light readings to determine the right plant for the right lighting environment provided for each plant and the space you are trying to enhance. This is definitely a task better left to the horticultural experts at Tropical Plant Design.

We offer only the highest quality plants that come from very select growers of interiorscape quality foliage. Those who have the expertise and knowledge to grow plants slower and more acclimatized to an office environment. Whether you are purchasing one plant or taking advantage of our lease program, we make sure you are getting a healthy, happy plant that is going to add real value to your space.

Choosing us means you are going to receive the perfect plant to suit the lighting, design style and image of your space.  We invite you to take advantage of our free consultation to begin the discussion now of how we can improve the design and well being of your interior home or office space.

Contact us with any questions you have about our lease programs and decorative container options we have to offer.  Our plants and decorative containers are perfect for any commercial or residential property located throughout NE Oklahoma and NW Arkansas.