Transformative Decorative Planters

There is certain strategic placement required for adding interior landscaping to a commercial building. Just adding plants to the space without the proper balance of the right decorative planter size and color is leaving your project half completed.  To make sure the overall aesthetic appeal to your office, lobby or home, let TPD provide you with one of our many options of decorative planters in ceramic, stoneware, fiberglass, acrylic or metal.

The Planter is Part of the Interior Design

ZZ Plant in Gun Metal PlanterThe balance of plants in your interior setting is only half of the job well done.  When considering the correct plant and its design style, don’t forget about the base of the plant and how the decorative container shape, color or size can change the entire setting.  We have planters available in ceramic, stoneware, fiberglass, metal, or acrylic with many colors, styles, and shapes to choose from.

Did you know that planters also help to improve safety in a workspace?  It is true. Planters help to control walk space or trip hazards that are within the flow of traffic in your commercial property.  While remaining visually appealing, planters are able to help guide the people visiting your property to help avoid accidents from cumbersome foot traffic.

Our selection of planters, whether for the outdoor entry area or the interior lobby of your property, along with the plants, are going to create a welcoming environment that everyone will love.

Contact us when you need large indoor planters for your plants. We provide indoor plantscaping equipment to clients located throughout Tulsa, Bartlesville, and Muskogee, Oklahoma, as well as throughout the communities of Rogers, Bentonville, and Fayetteville, Arkansas.