Christmas Decorating

Christmas tree with orange decorationsChristmas tree with gold decorationsLet our designers at Tropical Plant Design provide you with options on ornaments, wreaths, garland and artificial trees to decorate your home or office space. Whether it’s a theme you’re trying to follow in your home or colors of ornaments to match your company logo, we have some of the newest selections of designs available for decorating.

Within the first week of November through the first week of December of each year, our design team begins the setup and interior decorating for hospitals, churches, retirement villages, hotels, private clubs, building lobbies, offices, and homes. Our clients come to us to tastefully design an appropriate package of ornaments and necessary greenery to enhance their space for the holiday season. At the end of December, on the day of our customer’s request, we begin the takedown and packaging of their product for storage to be used the following year. Two weeks later… We’re back at the following years market, shopping for next years designs.

Every year in January, right after the previous season’s product is packed away, our design staff attends the Dallas or Atlanta Christmas market and show to learn and explore the new designs, colors, and trends of the trade for the following Christmas season. Adding to our current inventory of product, each year we purchase ornaments, wreaths, garland and artificial trees ranging from 4’ to 12’ and taller as needed for use in our commercial decorating plans.


Blooming Plant Rotation - Poinsettia

Poinsettias are among the most recognizable traditions of the Christmas season. Our growers offer poinsettias in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Our Poinsettia inventory generally consists of red, white and pink with a few other options of variegated red and white or tree form plants that come in the sizes of 4”, 6”, 8” & 10” poinsettia pots. When considering the purchase of poinsettias, current clients are provided the option of weekly watering just after Thanksgiving until Christmas. Pricing is dependent upon quantity purchased for the weekly trip to water. If you’re not a current client, watering is still available with quantity purchases of ten or more plants.


PointsettiaJohn Roberts Poinsett, US Ambassador to Mexico and the founder of the Smithsonian Institution, introduced the poinsettia, properly named after himself, to the United States in 1828.  Mr. Poinsett, the son of a French physician, was appointed as the first Ambassador to Mexico from the US by President James Madison.  Poinsett, like his father, had attended medical school but his true love all along was botany.  On a trip to Mexico and upon his return, he discovered the brilliant red blooms of the poinsettia plant, native to Central America, alongside a traveled road in an area of Southern Mexico.  He took cuttings of the plant and brought them back to South Carolina where he maintained hothouses at his Greenville, South Carolina plantation.  After finding the poinsettia and bringing cuttings to his plantation, he began propagating the plant in his hothouses, sending them to friends and botanical gardens for further research and show.

To remember the date of Poinsett’s death in 1851, every Dec. 12 is observed as National Poinsettia Day in the US.

Call us today and let us help you design your space with beautiful poinsettias for the holiday season.  Our design team will help you create a simple but elegant display for your home, office, or lobby.