Additional services

Tropical Plant Design provides comprehensive horticultural services for commercial properties. From designing a flow for your plants to providing routine maintenance, we do it all when it comes to helping you improve the look and feel of your environment.

Water Feature DesignIndoor water features – Let us help you design a bubbling pot or water feature for your special place.

Washingtonia Robusta Palms – Great for outdoors in decorative containers or planted in-ground around pools or lawns to provide that southern coast charm. Late each fall, our staff mulches the roots, insulates and seals the palm trunk in a hibernation state for the winter months. Once spring arrives, the wrap is removed, and the fronds begin to grow back to full head growth by July.

Decorative containers – Whether you go outdoors with ceramic, stoneware or heavy plastic, or indoors with decorative containers in fiberglass, ceramic, metal or acrylic. Tropical Plant Design has the expertise and working knowledge to provide planters from manufacturers and suppliers from around the globe. We can and have provided any number of colors, materials, shapes, and sizes to fit the interior or exterior design of your project.

Exterior artificial plants – Plants or bushes needed for containerized outdoor projects with low to no light to keep a live plant alive are available in many sizes and styles.

Exterior flowering potted annuals – Whether an outdoor patio project or commercial entry door area, potted flowering annuals in planters visually enhance the customer’s experience.

Planter Walls – Plant walls, green walls or plant portraits as they may be called, are a growing trend to the exterior and interior setting. Planter walls can be designed to fit any space and watered by automation or by hand by an experienced technician.

Designing Services for Your Business

As a commercial plantscaper, we primarily focus on providing businesses with attractive natural plants as well as silk and replica plants by request. No matter what type of flora you pick, however, we have the perfect decorative pottery to go with it so that your interior or exterior is perfectly complemented.

No matter what type of space you have, large or small, our team will figure out the best fit to make the plants work the way you want. We begin the design of your interior by taking light readings to assure there is a balance to fit the need of that environment. We then recommend traditional themes, contemporary themes, or something unique to your space to ensure everything feels part of a whole design concept.

When you choose to lease our plants,  you will be happy to know that we will provide ongoing service to help you keep the plants you have installed healthy, vibrant, and clean. There is no charge for replacing these plants when you are part of one of our leasing plans.

MetallicaPurchasing Plants for Your Home or Office

Our showroom is available for you to visit, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, so you can get a real-life idea of what our plants look like. This is especially helpful for the homeowner who is looking for the perfect live plant to fit a particular area setting. We invite you to browse through our showroom for just the right live plant, decorative container, artificial plant or silk flowers.

Contact us to find out just how easy it is to maintain the health and appearance of your indoor plants. Visit us and let us help you design your space with any one or more item that fits your particular indoor or outdoor needs.